Action Dog Sports that Your Dog Will Enjoy

Action Dog Sports


All dogs need some kind of exercise in order to stay healthy. However, if you want to increase your dog activity, you should consider involving your dog in action dog sports. Physical exercise and mental stimulation will affect your dog’s health in both ways.


When it comes to dog recreation and sports activities, there are plenty of options you can consider. These action dog sports that challenge the dog’s body and mind are beneficial for many reasons. Many dog sports have training classes where you and your dog can work and socialize with new friends, both human and dogs. However, you can practice and train your dog on your own as well.


In this article, we will analyze action dog sports that you and your dog can enjoy and the positive incomes that it carries. Not only it will affect your dog’s growth and health, but it will build a strong bond between you two. Also, it can be a great way to boost your dog’s confidence and let him express his hidden talents.


Benefits of action dog sports

There are various benefits of trying some of the sports activities with your dog. Let’s mention some of them and convince you to make the first step and try a new experience with your furry friend.

Increasing the bond between the owner and the dog

Making time for enjoying sports activities with your dog will affect the connection between you two. Dogs love attention from their owners. That is a great way to increase your bond while you are focused on a common task, without any distraction. Your dog will get stimulated, and he will follow your commands and hand-signalization. While they train their dogs, many owners realize how talented they are and what kind of skills they have. Dogs are intelligent, so they do not need much effort to learn new things. If you own a nervous or shy dog, this is a perfect way to boost your dog’s confidence and make him proud of himself. Also, you two will enjoy each other’s company and share quality time. That is the reason why we included highly interactive sports on our list.

Fresh air

Pet Sports

Generally, action dog sports are kept outside. If you and your dog start to train, those activities usually repeat twice a week. That will have a good impact on the owner’s health as well. Fresh air and training will boost your energy and improve your mood.

It is not only a perfect hobby for the dog, but also for owners who are stuck in the office all day.


It does not matter if you have an energetic or bored dog, sport activities will give your pet great stimulation. In case your dog has a lot of energy and requires long walks and running, this will be a perfect opportunity for him. Training will help him to avoid destructive actions and to use his energy in the best possible way. On the other hand, if your dog gets tired on the walks quickly, and does not want to participate in activities, this is a great way to change that. Training your dog will affect his health physically and mentally. As time passes, and your training becomes more challenging, your dog will have more energy, and he will not be lazy and tired all the time anymore. Your dog will burn off energy in a constructive way.

Obesity issues

If your dog has obesity issues and has too many pounds, you can help him lose some weight by training him. Obesity issues can lead to many dysfunctionalities in the organism and potential health problems. For that reason, some action dog sports are necessary for preventing any potential health problems.


Animal Sports

First, these sports activities will get you and your dog a way to connect with others who enjoy the same sports as you two. On the other hand, it will bring you a lot of fun and funny moments. It gets boring to do the same old things every day. For that reason, by adding new sports activities you and your dog will enjoy experiencing new things together.

Learning new skills

All dogs need the opportunity to use their intelligence and to get stimulated mentally. These activities can give people a chance to find out something new about their dogs and what they love to do. Also, you will learn how to communicate with your dog and teach him new skills. You will see for yourself how dogs can learn fast and which hidden skills your dog has. It will give you a new perspective of your furry friend for sure. By the way if you would like to know about dog treat bags then please visit this article .


Which action dog sport is right for your dog?

Logically, not every action dog sport will suit you and your dog. For that reason, it is necessary to find the right one that works for both of you. In that way, the outcome of the training will be positive and successful. Also, it will allow long-term pursuit. We will list and analyze some popular action dog sports and help you decide which one to choose. It is essential to consider what your dog enjoys.


If your dog loves to run, you can consider trying canicross. On the other hand, if your dog is very excited about balls, you can try with your pet a flyball sport. Try different things and wait to see which activity will make your dog enthusiastic and happy. Also, it is good to mention that you can consider your dog’s breed while you choose the right sport activity. Some breeds have an instinct for particular activities. For instance, clever and athletic breeds like Collies are great at agility. On the other hand, dogs like Spaniels that use their nose the most are great at Nosework competitions. However, do not limit the options you and your dog have.


Action dog sports

Let’s get to the point and see some of the most popular action dog sports that you and your dog can enjoy.

Dog Agility

The most popular of all action dog sports is the Agility sport. Agility sport includes many athletic skills. The owner and the dog need to work together as a team, so communication between them is the key to success. The owner will be next to his dog’s side all the time. Believe it or not, this sport was invented way back in 1978 in the UK.

Action Dog Sports

The dog’s job is to run on the field and face different obstacles. More precisely, there are around 20 tasks that the dog needs to finish, such as jumping poles, climbing, stopping on the command, going through tunnels, etc. The owner of the dog is called the handler. He needs to lead the dog and signalize what he needs to do and in what order. Some obstacles are more challenging than others, so you need to be patient when you are working with your furry friend. When you start with training, you need to prepare treats to encourage and to motivate your dog to do what you are asking from him. The owner needs to work with the pet slowly and with lots of repetitions. That is a great way to bond with your dog, and it can be a fun experience for both of you.


Flyball is an extremely fast sport, so it is not suited for lazy dogs. The sport is competitive, and the dog’s job is to fetch a tennis ball. There are two lanes set up for the two dogs team. One dog team has 4 dogs included. The dogs are released at the same time, and then they start to race. They need to do four jumps, press the box to retrieve the tennis ball, and then race back to their owner before the next dog in the team is released to perform the same task. The first team of four dogs to retrieve all the balls from the flyball box wins.

This is a great opportunity if you have a dog that loves fetching and running. You can teach your dog to retrieve and release a ball while you are rewarding him with treats if he completes the task correctly.


If you have a dog that always sniffs something on the ground and search for treats, toys, and trails, this is a great sport for your dog.


This sport became popular in 2006, so it is relatively new. The main task for the dog is to track down a certain scent. In competition, the owner does not know where the object of the scent is located, so he needs to rely on, and trust the dog’s skills to find it. When you train your dog to finish this task, you need to reward him with some delicious treats. The dogs love to have a purpose and they get very excited when they finish the task.

Obedience Trials

Competitive Obedience is the type of action dog sports that includes guiding commands that the owner gives to the dog. The main goal of this activity is showing the owner’s control over the dog. Also, the focus that the dog has is essential as well. The Obedience Trials is one of the oldest action dog sports. If you have a dog that does not have a high amount of energy or does not run fast, this is a perfect option for him. The level of difficulty will increase as you finish the tasks that you get.


Dog SportsDancing with your dog can be a fun experience and a great way to get a stronger bond between you two. We can see on TV shows that this is a popular thing nowadays. There are two options for competitive dog dancing. Heelwork to Music is more formal, and it requires precise movements. The other one, Canine Freestyle, is a more free option. A good routine and communication between the owner and the dog are essential for success in these sports. It is crucial to find unique tricks and to show off with your dog.

Dock Jumping/Dock Diving

This sport is especially for dogs that love water and enjoy swimming. There are different competitive options when we talk about these action sports games. The most popular competition is Big Air. The distance when a dog jumps in the water is measured. You also need to measure how high the dog jumps up before he gets in the water. Also, there is a game that measures the time that the dog needs to jump into the pool and grab the bumper at the other end of the pool. It is essential to do this with a dog who loves water. The owner should not force the dog to swim because it can make him very scary.

Disc dog competition

In disc dog competitions, the handler and the dog work together as a team. First, the job of the owner is to throw the disc precisely while he controls the direction and the distance. After that, the dog needs to chase and catch that disc. Dogs that have a high amount of energy are great for this sports activity. For instance, if you have a breed such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or Presa Canarios, consider this action dog sport. The fields where dogs chase discs are divided into zones. Scoring depends on the zone where the dog will catch the disc.


Final words

As we said, dogs love to be included in anything that their owners do. They enjoy having a purpose and getting the tasks that they need to complete. The affection that your dog gets while you are training him will encourage him to do the task correctly. Action dog sports are surely something that will stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. We listed some of the most popular sport games that you and your dog can consider. However, anything that you choose will have a positive impact on the bond between you and your furry friend. Give affection and your time to the dog. In return, your dog will give you his love and loyalty and protect you at any cost.

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