Boston Terrier Barking: Ultimate Guide

Boston Terriers are becoming a popular breed among homeowners. There are different reasons why people have a strong desire to have them in their backyard. Logically, a perfect breed does not exist and there are always certain things that you will need to analyse and research. In this case, the most important thing you should get familiar with is the Boston terrier barking. However, before we get to the point, there are some things we would like to discuss.


Owning a dog is a big adventure and challenge at the same time. The dog will fulfil your life with love and enjoyment, and you will have many funny and beautiful moments. He will give you the unconditional love that has no price, and if you show them just a little attention, they will appreciate it. For instance, no one will be happier to see you when you come home more than your dog.

Still, you need to prepare yourself well if you want to ensure your pet a safe and comfortable life. Because of that, the first thing you should work on is trying to understand the character and temperament of your dog. Boston terrier barking is not a big problem as you might think. You will find out later they are not the breed that barks often. However, even if they do that, there is always a good reason why they are doing it.


Benefits of having Boston Terrier 


Cute Dog

From their appearance and intelligence to friendly, and cheerful characteristics, people are deciding on this breed often. They have cute patterns that are quite similar to smoking. Because of that, you will hear many people calling them “American gentlemen”.This type of dog leaves an impression of determination and strength with great elegance. When you add his sweetness to his confident attitude there is no way that he will not grab your attention.


Interestingly, they are primarily bred as fighting dogs, but this breed is not dangerous or aggressive at all. Today, their character is different and they are considered as gentle and affectionate companions. They have all good qualities such as kindness, loveliness, and lots of energy for playing. Despite that, if you are a parent, be sure that your pet will be a good friend of your kids. In other words, they like to play with kids and they won’t hurt them in any way.


However, there are some things to consider when it comes to bringing a dog home. As we said, Boston Terrier barking is not going to be a big problem as you imagine.To learn more about dog’s behaviour you can read another article here  Let’s get to the point and find out if Boston Terriers are a noisy breed and what you should do if they are barking too much and how to stop that.

Reasons why Boston Terrier doesn’t bark that much

Terrier Barking

The truth is, this breed is well-known as unusually quiet. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t bark at all. Their barking depends on temperament and some other characteristics.


People familiar with different dog breeds know that dogs from the terrier group love to bark. However, it is common for these dogs to have a high level of energy. If they do not have activities to release that energy they could get aggressive and show destructive behavior. Most owners do not pay attention to their dogs as they should and they do not spend enough time on walks and running. Because of that, these dogs could show dissatisfaction through barking.


Indeed, Boston Terriers belong to this group, but they are a bit different compared to their “relatives”. In general, they are not considered as working and sports dogs like the rest of them from the group. Their level of energy is different from others and that is the first thing you should understand. Because of the different temperament, these dogs are predetermined for guarding and other similar duties.


Why Boston Terrier Barking Isn’t Unusual As You Might Think 


Boston Bark

Many owners of the Boston terrier breed will tell you that these dogs bark only when that is necessary. As we said, this breed is very protective. They will do whatever it takes to protect their family. For instance, because they feel like their job is to be guardians, they think they must alarm you if someone is at the door. So, even before you hear a knock or ring of the doorbell, you will hear a Boston Terrier barking. Also, whenever he predicts a danger or potential threat, he will inform you. You do not have to worry, they will do everything they can to protect you. That is the reason why they are considered to be affectionate dogs.


Also, keep in mind that Boston Terrier’s behavior towards other dogs or pets can be a bit aggressive. They could be a little distrustful with new pets, so that could cause barking. They do that because of fear and cautiousness. If you already have a pet and want to bring a Boston Terrier home, spend time with them, and make the socialization easier for your new dog. Keep in mind they aren’t dangerous; they just need some time to relax and get to know the other fur friends. Once they accept them, they will be friendly and ready to play.


Playtime is another reason why our fur friend might start barking


Whether they are playing with owners or other dogs they tend to manifest a small playful bark. You will easily recognize it because it is different from the warning and “alarm” ones. Be sure they will sound cute and silly. It is important to know how to recognize the bark and to analyze the situation when your dog is noisy. For instance, if you hear your fur friend bark while he runs after the children, your dog has no bad intentions. He just wants to play with them and manifest his happiness. We mentioned it earlier that they love kids and they are naturally good with them. However, even in the playtime, they do not bark as much as you imagine. You will see an excitement expressed through body language. For instance, he will wag his little tail constantly or try to kiss you and lick you.

Despite these situations, one more adorable moment you can expect is when they want to get attention in that way. You will hear them making lots of growly whiny noises to get your affection.


How to stop Boston Terrier Barking 


Barking Terrier

As we said, Boston Terrier barking is not something that you will hear often because they are a quiet breed. However, if you end up owning the one who barks, do not worry. As humans, dogs also have different temperaments. However, we prepared some suggestions that can help you solve that kind of problem.


The first thing you should know is that your dog doesn’t bark randomly. There is always a reason when they get loud. It is up to you to analyze and find out the cause of barking. By observing and identifying the common situation when he barks, you are halfway resolving the problem. For instance, he can bark because he is asking desperately for toys or treats. Also, maybe there is something that scares him, such as a shadow when you pass outside near the window or some object that stands outside. In the end, he maybe wants to go out for a run or pee. Don’t ignore him because he doesn’t know how else to tell you that something bothers him.


The big mistake that owners do is to give treats to their dog when he gets very noisy. That is not the right way to calm him down because you can cause a counter-effect. A method like that could make things even worse because he will think that he got a reward. He will learn that barking brings him more treats and he will surely start barking even more over time.. Dogs are reacting to instrumental learning. That means they will solidify the action if they get an award for it.


Teaching your dog a command

Teaching your Boston Terrier to be quiet is not as complex as you may think. The first thing you should do is to teach him a “speak” command. Say to him a command and wait for him to bark. When he does what you asked from him, reward him with a treat. Repeat the process a couple of times to establish the connection. Then, you should start teaching him a “quiet” command after you use the so-called “speak” command. However, this time, reward him after he stops to bark. You should repeat that type of process a couple of times as well. Thanks to their intelligence and capability of learning, you will not have problems teaching them these things. You will be proud after your dog starts understanding you and your commands. If you would like to learn more about dog command, then visit this page.


Is the Boston terrier the right dog for you?

Finding a perfect dog for you can look like a discouraging task. There are lots of things you should consider before you decide on one breed. This task could be harder if you need to find a dog that will be a good choice for the rest of the family members as well (not only for you).

If you are living in an apartment and you are surrounded by neighbors, you need to find some small and quiet breed. Because of that, choosing the Boston Terrier might be the right choice. He is a perfect dog for an apartment because no one will even notice that he is there. He is easy to maintain because he is small. Also, he will not make you any mess, and thanks to his intelligence, if there is something in his behavior you are not satisfied with, you can easily train him and change the bad habit that he has.


Also, these dogs are very affectionate and they can develop a deep relationship with owners. The breed is suitable for all family types. Even if you have a family with kids, or you are a single owner, Boston Terrier will fit into your lifestyle and bond with each family member.

Also, if you have a baby, you can count that this dog would not make problems and require constant attention. We all know that babies are loud enough, so if you add a noisy dog, you would regret it. Luckily, as we said, this breed is very calm and quiet, so you do not have to worry that he will upset the baby or wake her with barking.


Boston Terriers could be a very good company for old people as well. They are indeed lively and cheerful, but they do not have the same level of energy as other dogs from the terrier group. Their calm temperament will be an excellent choice for seniors. Older people would not like to have a dog that will jump all the time and require constant playing. They are looking for breeds that aren’t making too much noise..


Taking into consideration all the characteristics that the Boston Terrier has, from easy maintaining to small growth, friendliness, and quietness, this breed could be an excellent choice for different lifestyles. He will fit easily in your life and fulfill it with love and kindness.


Conclusion: Boston Terrier Barking Isn’t a Big Problem

Dogs know how to love and be loyal and that is something you mustn’t forget. You will be there for their entire life, and, because of that, they will give you unconditional love and protect you at any cost. In return, we need to be their family, give them love, and be patient with them. They have their ways to express their feelings and to tell us something.


If he barks, he does not do that randomly. If he acts differently, he has reasons as well. Because of that, pay attention to their behavior and show comprehension. Do not ignore and neglect your dog. Thanks to their capability of learning, you can teach them and train them. Because of that, do not be impatient and discouraged if you do not like some of their habits.


Everything we said counts for Boston Terriers as well. They can truly change your life completely because of their temperament and characteristics. Boston Terrier barking is not going to be something that will bother you the most. Each time when they improve your mood, you will forget about the moments when they become too loud. Fortunately, as we said, those moments are not happening often.

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