Creepy Dogs: Interesting Facts and Stories

Many people consider dogs as their best friends. They are loyal and lovable, and they will provide you comfort and protection at any cost. However, when we talk about them, the term creepy dog is not that rare. People use it to describe the unusual appearance of the dog. Whether it is about the scary look or way of behaving, some dogs are marked creepy. Many owners choose to get a dog for protection. For that reason, they decide on a dangerous-looking breed. This way, the dog could keep unwanted strangers away just by his appearance. On the other hand, a dog does not have to look scary to be considered creepy. His unusual habits or behavior can seem strange to us humans. The truth is, all dog breeds only look for love and attention. Because of that, we should not be so judgmental.

In this article, we will analyze the topic of creepy dogs in both insights. Also, you will find some interesting facts and stories about our furry friends. This way, if you have some doubts about the strange behavior of your dog, you will see that is a common thing for many of them.

Why Some Dogs Look Creepy 

The truth is, any dog can be a threat depending on temperament, training, and circumstances. Even some small dogs can look scary and have an intention to bite someone. For instance, chihuahuas are a small breed. At first sight, they look so cute, but they often have a hostile temperament. However, some dogs are considered more dangerous because of their size and strength. The truth is, you can never know, even a most fearlessly and a creepy dogs could be harmless. You can get a loyal and loving pet if he has adequate discipline. On the other hand, your dog will be ruthless and aggressive if you train it in that way. The appearance of the dog is something that will determine him as dangerous. However, other significant attributes can make a scary and creepy dog as well.

Muscular build 

For instance, why many people say Pit Bulls are creepy dogs? At first look, we see their physique, muscular build, and big heads with strong jaws. We associate appearance with behavior, but doing that is wrong. That is a friendly and considerate breed. Even if you give them a baby to protect, they will do a great job, and you can be peaceful that nothing could happen to her.

Bigger size

Creepy Dogs

As we said earlier, size is one of the factors that influence our way of thinking. However, you should know that smaller dogs are much grumpier and more hostile than the big ones. So, do not let size trick you. We should know that small dogs can harm us as well.


A rough bark typically means that you should stay away from the dog. Protection and guard dogs tend to bark more often than others. Everything is suspicious to them, and in this way, they warn their owner that a potential threat is near. Sometimes the dog must sniff you and, in that way, get to know you. Once he does that, he will stop barking. Because of that, do not get scared the next time you find yourself in such a situation. To learn more about dog bark please visit here.

Nature of the dog

The characteristic that you should pay attention the most is the disposition of the dog. A mean and hostile temperament combined with inappropriate discipline is something that could be very frightening. Dogs react to provocation, so teach your dog to be calm and to ignore the barking from other dogs.

5 Creepy Dog Breeds You Can Find

Almost all dogs can cause danger, but certain breeds are considered creepier than others. We will mention some of them.

Great Dane

When we talk about the size, this dog is convincingly the biggest one. Many of you know that Great Dane belongs to a group of sensitive and emotional dogs. If you care for them and train them properly, they will be amazing dogs. You should socialize and discipline them from an early age so they can not become aggressive and dangerous. Their massive body structure, height, and weight could look terrifying, and, because of that, many people would consider them creepy. However, you can keep a Great Dane even in your apartment because of their calmness.

Dobermann Pinscher

The breed is well known for its intelligence and strength. Dobermans are so powerful and energetic. Also, these dogs have sensitive hearing that makes them excellent guard dogs. Dobermann can sense danger and react on their own. They are naturally aggressive, and when you add their size to that, it is not strange that people consider them creepy. They can cause damage because they could be easily irritated. For that reason, they need to have proper training. Once you discipline them, you will get an affectionate and protective dog. He will be fiercely loyal, and if you have kids, he will guard them at any cost.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is known as a police dog. They are 3rd most intelligent dog breed, and it is not even strange that they are part of the police force. That breed is very focused on the task and is extremely fast. When they act on removing the danger, they can cause fatal damage. However, if you socialize them from an early age, they can be loyal, friendly, and lovely pets.

Pit Bull

Since always, Pit Bulls were fighter dogs. People teach them to be aggressive and dangerous. They were even very enthusiastically when they complete the task. With their powerful jaw, they look scary. Many countries even banned this breed. The primary characteristics of Pit Bulls are strength, confidence, and power. However, they are intelligent, and if you teach them and raise them to be sensitive and loyal, they will be. As we said, if you give them a baby, they will protect her at any cost. Every pit owner will tell you that his pet wags with his tail and likes to provide face-licking kisses all the time.


Rottweiler is a breed well known for their temper. On the other hand, they can be loyal family dogs. They need to have the training, and you can avoid their potentially dangerous reactions. They are big dogs, and with black fur and muscular body, they leave a scary impression. Additionally, they are amazingly intelligent, and they need an owner who will show dominance and love. Once you discipline them, your dog will be your best companion.

6 Creepy Dog Stories that Will Fascinate You

Creepy Dogs

Dogs have very sensitive senses. They can sniff and feel something that humans can not. If you are a dog owner, you probably notice that your dog acts differently and strangely sometimes. If you thought that you are the only one, do not worry, you are not. There are a lot of creepy dogs that behave unusually sometimes, all over the world. We find out some stories that we would like to share with you. You will be fascinated by what our little fur friend can sense.


  1. You probably heard that people say how dogs can sniff your character.           There is a reason if they do not like you. This story supports that. One family had a dog so friendly that happily approach anyone who       came into their house. However, one day a new friend of one family          member came. When the dog saw him, he starts to bark warningly at him and took a defensive position. They tried to calm him, but they could not. The dog was small but looked so dangerous that the guy left. After a few months, they find out that the guy has been arrested for rape several times.
  2. This    story is about a dog that has a habit of investigating every single         room in the house at 3 a.m. every night. Interestingly, at the exact time, he wakes up every night. Not before 3 a.m., not after. He gets up and inspects all the rooms in the house. When people caught him in action, he looks at the doorway of the room, then stares at the person who looks at him and wondering what he is doing. After that, he goes on looking at the doorway, like he wants to say something.
  3. The    scariest thing is when you notice that your dog sees something in        the dark. A girl told a story when she was laying with her dog in         bed and reading. It was night, and there was light only in her room. She looked at her dog and noticed that he is staring out there into the darkness. The dog was moving his had to the side, which he does when he sees or hears something unknown. After that, the dog growled           for some time until he noticed that girl looks at him.
  4. One    night, a girl was wakened up by small barks in the middle of the           night. She started to call her dog, and he did not come. She finds out that both dog and cat are sitting by the closet and stare at the closet door. The dog was wagging its tail and waited girl opens the       door. They were acting like someone was there. She gets scared because it reminded her of a scene from some horror movie. It is not very pleasant to experience that in the middle of the night when you are alone in the house.
  5. One more story that proves how dogs can sense spirits is this one. A girl moved into a new home. The previous owner of that house committed suicide there. She did not know until the neighbors mentioned it to her. From time to time, her dog would look randomly at a specific spot on the wall. Sometimes, he would start to growl. It was strange. He would stare at the middle of the wall. She was so    focused on finding out what it is, that even if you call her name,   she would not answer. It was like she was zoned out. The new owner      freaked out because of these situations and moved out quickly after           that.
  6. Sometimes, dogs can have some unusual habits. It could be very creepy for owners when they find them out. For instance, one owner said that he   was surprised when he heard his dog snoring. He described the sound like it was a demon laugh. In the middle of the night, he gets woken by some weird noises that freaks him up. That situation can be funny if it happens only once. However, it is not pleasant when you heard it in the night. Usually, cats are animals that are considered creepy and spooky. As you see, dogs have their moments as well. Most of the time, they are funny with their silliness. However, in some cases, they scare you as well.

Creepy Dog's Story


In the end, we must agree that funny, as well as creepy dogs, can change your life in different ways. They fill our lives with so many beautiful moments, make us laugh with their silliness, and guard us at any cost. We should not have prejudice and to be repulsive if some of them do not look perfect. The dog can look creepy, dangerous, and have some unusual behavior, but be the most loyal friend at the same moment. For that reason, as with humans, do not be judgmental with dogs. If you find some dog on the street, do not avoid him. Help him even if he looks strange. We are all living beings that want love and affection.


In this article, we analyze some creepy dogs, and, as you saw, every story has two sides. Appearance can be deceiving, and this is a common problem with dogs. Even the scariest breed could be such a lovely and affection dogs. It’s all about what kind of relationship you create with them and how you discipline them. So, if you give them love and care, they will become your most loyal guardians.

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