Dog Days Game: Every Dog Owner Should Know

Dog days game

Many owners do not realize that caring for their dog includes much more than they think. It is an incredible experience to own a dog, but it requires a lot more to raise him. Regular feedings and walks are not the only things that your dog needs. Mental exercise is just as important as physical ones. For that reason, every dog owner needs to know some dog days game to build his dog’s intelligence and entertain him. However, the benefits of learning some fun dog games are various. Not only that you will exercise your dog’s memory, but you can even create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Dog games

So, enough talking, let’s get to the point and find out some of the games that every dog owner should know.


Benefits of playing dog days game with your dog

Before we mention the games you and your furry friend can try, let’s see how both of you can benefit from the dog days game. You will see for yourself the benefits are various.

The bond

By playing fun dog days game, you can build a strong connection with your dog. Through teamwork and communication, you two will spend more time and create funny and incredible moments. Dogs love attention and the time spent playing with owners. For that reason, whenever you have free time, spend it with your dog. Your pet will appreciate it. In return, he will be more inclined to you.


Improving your dog’s intelligence

For instance, playing hide-and-seek with your dog can help them exercise their memory. Also, you can boost the intelligence of your dog if you hide food in different places in your house. In that way, you will encourage him to investigate and also you will entertain him.

You can find more games like this that will boost your pet’s intelligence. It will be both fun and useful activities.

Dog days game

Keep your dog active and obedient

By adding some fun games to the life of your pet, you can improve his impulsivity. In playtime, dogs can become very excited and they can start to jump, bark, or lunge. Through the dog days games, you can teach your dog to behave and to be polite. You can teach him how to be patient and how to control himself even if he is very quick-tempered.


Teach your dog to control his bite

Through the games that you play with your dog, you can teach him how to be careful with his teeth. Lots of games include pulling or taking something from your hand. When you play with your dog, and he becomes too excited and starts to bite harder, you need to teach him to reduce the pressure. In that way, you can be sure that your dog will be careful and that it will be safer to be around your pet.

Training skills

Many games, especially some sports activities, can teach your dog new skills. Do not forget about rewarding your dog with some treats to establish better learning. Dogs react to treats, so there is no better way to reward him if you want him to repeat some action. There are a lot of things that you can teach him. It will be a fun experience for both of you. Also, as a result, you will have a dog that knows some tricks.


Dog days game

Fun and easy activities that you can enjoy with your dog


Interestingly, dogs like challenges, so it is a lot more exciting for them to hike than to walk. If you like hiking, you can enjoy this activity with your pet friend. Some of the hiking paths are intended for dog owners. You and your dog will enjoy the beautiful see-sighing of nature and fresh air. Also, if that becomes your habit, you and your pet will be prepared to try some more challenging hiking paths.



Many people do not know that dogs instinctively know how to swim.

For that reason, you do not have to worry that there is a chance your dog can drown. Your dog won’t need some swimming lessons. You can relax and take your dog to swim with you in the lake or pool. In summer, when the temperature is high, your dog will enjoy swimming and cool-off.



Dogs are intelligent, and they love learning new things. Some dogs can enjoy music as we do. If you have patience and want to teach your dog how to dance, you can teach him how to stand on two legs and dance with you. It will be a fun experience.



Dogs can run very fast, and they enjoy it. Also, they need some time to run because they have so much energy. If you like to ride a bike in your free time, you can take your dog to go with you. If you won’t let your dog run next to you, you need to find the right leash for that activity. Your dog will love this.


Competition Training

If you enjoy teaching your dog tricks and train him, you can consider taking your dog to some training competition. If your dog has plenty of energy and a desire to play and be active, this is a great opportunity for him. These kinds of competitions can be very intense. However, it will be fun and you two can get a big reward.

Dog days game


The most entertaining of all activities are games. There are all sorts of simple games that you can play with your dog, whether you are inside or outside. One of the popular games among people is a game of fetch. However, there are plenty of them that you two can try. We will list some of them that we think you and your furry friend will enjoy the most.


Fun searching dog days game

Finding games can allow your dog to use his natural abilities and to investigate. If you also would like to know about facts and stories about creepy dogs then click here.


Finding the treats

Dogs love this game because it allows them to express their natural sniffing abilities. Investigation for treats stimulates dogs mentally. You do not have to be extra creative. Even if you hide treats in the same places, your dog will be so excited. Just hide treats in some places around the house and give your dog a command to look for them. If your dog has problems with finding all of the treats, you can help him and encourage him to continue.



Some dogs love digging, especially if they are hunting dogs. There are two options for this game. If you have a small dog, you can make some digging boxes from wood and sand. In that box, you can bury some toys and bones. If you have a bigger dog, you can leave some space in your yard for him. The procedure is the same. Bury some toys, bones, or treats and encourage your dog to find them. Your dog will be very excited.


Hide and seek

Playing a dog days game called hide and seek is very amusing for dogs. Hide and seek games allow your dog to use their natural scent tracking abilities in a new way. It is a fun and stimulating game that will teach him how to investigate and be consistent to find you. Even if the owners use the same hiding spot, dogs are not tired of the game. When the dog finds you, you can give him a treat.


Classic dog days game that is never boring

Many classic dog days games are popular just because they are easy and fun. There is no need to be creative in finding new games for your dog. Maybe you already tried some of them with your puppy. However, we will list all of them, in case you have forgotten some of them.



Through the tug game, you can teach your dog to practice manners and to be polite. Your dog will be more aware of self-control rules. Generally, dogs love to play this game because they like to win and be dominant. Also, you can bond with your dog through this game.



Dogs are obsessed with this dog days game, and they can run for a tennis ball for hours. The great way to tire your dog if he has lots of energy is by playing this game with him. Also, it will keep him busy.


Flirt pole

The flirt pole game is a great choice for playing if you do not have lots of space to play. It is like a fishing pole with a squeaky toy on the end. You can use this in combination with some commands like Ready, Set, and Down.


Playing roughly with your pet

You can play with your dog on the ground, and it can still be safe. Dogs naturally know the limit and how to control themselves. You and your dog can roll on the ground, push each other, jump together, and it can be a fun experience.


Play Frisbee With your dog

A game of frisbee is an upgraded game of fetch. It is a great exercise because dogs need to run longer distances. The game is excellent for tireless dogs with an extra amount of energy. Dogs become very excited to chase the frisbee.


Learning dog days game

In this category, you can find some of the unique dog days games that will teach your dog new skills. You do not need to prepare some special equipment. You only need to bring treats for your dog. Many of these games are not so hard to overcome. However, some of them are specially made for certain breeds.



If your dog likes challenges, this is a great sport. There are all kinds of tunnels, jumps, fast-paced, and weave pools that your dog needs to overcome. This sport will stimulate your dog both physically and mentally.



The herding dog’s game is for some specific breeds. The main goal of this game is that your dog needs to move a group of sheep or goats into the pens. This game is intended for owners that have farms. Some breeds have a congenital instinct to protect and guard cattle. For instance, Australian shepherds or Border collies are breeds for this task.


Games for protection skills

Traditionally, this kind of dog days game is made for dogs like German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois. Through these games, you can teach your dog how to be obedient and how to bite someone if he needs to. The dogs go through a series of tasks in addition to learn this.

It is necessary to find the right teacher to teach your dog this kind of thing. As a result, you will have an excellent guard and protection dog.


Dog days game

Parkour game

You can make your daily walks with your dog more fun. This game is just like parkour for people. Find some obstacles and teach your dog some basic skills. For instance, you can teach your commands such as down, up, over, under, and through. Both of you can have fun while your dog jumps over the park benches. However, you need to ensure that the obstacles that you use are safe and that the jumps are not extreme.

Lure Coursing

The breeds that are extremely fast such as whippets and greyhounds, love lure coursing. This sport is based on catching the white cloth. However, this is not as simple as it sounds because that white cloth retreats rapidly. This sport is excellent for dogs that like to chase squirrels or something else. It will improve their running skills and make them more focused.



Dogs are curious and intelligent creatures that love to try new things. By adding in their life a fun dog days game, we can make them happier and entertain them. However, the bond that we can create with dogs through the dog’s games is priceless. The dogs will appreciate the time we spend with them and our affection towards them. It takes a little to make them happy, so take some time each day to play with them. Your dog can benefit both physically and mentally from the games. Also, fun and funny moments are guaranteed.

6 thoughts on “Dog Days Game: Every Dog Owner Should Know

  1. Maria Matthews says:

    Great article. I have a collie (Ellie) who loves following direction, she will go up, down, right, left, over and under, it was part of her basic training for search training but we also have a labrador who simply goes his own way. He just loves to run, won’t fetch but loves to run. We forget that they are individuals. Your post was good at pointing this out.

  2. Amy says:

    You mentioned dancing. There is also Freestyle, which is doggie dancing, more descriptively, coordinated movement between a person and a dog set to music that has the dog’s tempo. It is an equal partnership, and the dog actually chooses the music she likes best (believe me, you’ll know when you hit that just right song at her tempo). There are only a few Freestyle Federations in the US, and I am very fortunate to live near one. Thanks for the good articles.

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