Dog Fence Kits : The Safety of Your Dog

Dog Fence Kits


There is no better way to give your dog the freedom to play and run and provide maximum safeness outside at the same time than purchase a dog fence. Your dog will be protected from the possibility of running loose in the neighborhood and getting in some trouble. Additionally, you can provide a new look for your yard. There are truly so many different types of dog fence kits that you can consider. We will analyze them all so you can see which one will suit you and your pet the most. And Also if you would like to know about interesting dog racing facts then you can click here.


There are different factors to consider when you are choosing the right fence, such as your dog breed, size, obedience, budget, and individual taste. However, with so many choices, you will surely find the right one. There are so many benefits of purchasing the dog fence kits, Yet, we will all agree that peace of mind is the essential advantage of these incredible items, right?


Let’s get to the point and see the various types of fences on the market and their benefits.

Dog Fence Kits

Benefits of Dog Fence Kits


Dog fence kits are actually an extension of your home for a pet. Playing and running in the yard constantly will provide your dog freedom and happiness. Dogs usually have an extra amount of energy, and they can become very frustrated if they do not have enough activity. In this way, you will provide your dog with a healthy and productive way of spending time.

Dog Fence Kit


The safeness of your dog is very important, so if there is a chance to avoid the risk of a potentially bad scenario, you should use it. If your dog runs out of your yard, there is a chance that someone can steal him. Also, your dog can get in some trouble and make a mess. After purchasing the right fence, you can ensure that your dog is perfectly safe outside of the house. Also, the bottom will stop your pet from crawling underneath the fence.



For owners who do not have a dog park near their house or do not have time to take their dogs regularly out on walks, the dog fence kits are a great choice. You can ensure all those activities without investing your time.



Dogs need a chance to socialize with friends, so you can bring your friend or neighbors dog in the yard and be sure that they are safe in the playtime.

Boston Terrier


Dogs are animals, and naturally, they should not stay inside all day. They need time to play and train every day. There are so many games that you can play safely with your dog in the yard, such as fetching. There is no need to go outside and find the space for that, you can easily do it in your yard.



One more benefit that deserves your attention is that these dog fence kits require minimal maintenance. Other than that, they are easy to set up, and some of them are portable.


Types of Dog Fence Kits

Dogs require as much space as they can get. Even if the owners walk their pet a couple of times a day, that is not enough for the dogs. Dogs have so much energy so if you can provide a safe space for them, you will do them a favor. There are truly many types of dog fence kits for consideration. Best of all, a fence can actually improve the look of your yard. Also, there is no need to spend a lot of money on creating it. We will analyze all types so you can see which one suits you and your circumstances the most. These include the size of the dog, his breed, your budget, and also the aesthetic of your yard.


Solid Barrier Fences

Outdoor dog fence kits that are made of metal, wood, vinyl, and other hard materials are a very popular choice. The biggest benefit of these fences is that they provide security, extra privacy, and they can look very nice in the yard. If you have a dog that can easily be distracted by other animals and people who pass by your yard, this is a great choice. Your dog can not see them with this type of fence. Also, a solid barrier fence is a great solution for dogs who like to jump over the fence. Another key consideration is how you can install a plexiglass viewing window in the middle of the yard, so the dog can climb up to the fence height to see over. However, building these physical fences may cost you a bit more. We are sure that is an essential piece of information for many families. Yet, we need to highlight it is an excellent option for families who live in a crowded neighborhood and have small children.


Chain Link Fences

The Chain Link type of dog fence kits is a more affordable option. It provides all benefits of the previous type, but it does not cost so much because of the material. In other words, they are not made of solid materials. You can install the fence with a help of a professional in order to finish the procedure quicker, but it is possible to do that by yourself.  However, the only bad side of this fence is that it does not suit all dog breeds. The dog size is crucial for deciding if you want this type of fence because some dogs can jump or climb on it.


Electric Dog Fences

Electric dog fence kits are an excellent choice for people who want to combine an aesthetically charming yard with efficiency. In the cases of installing this fence, there would not be big costs. You should know that there are two types of electric dog fences, the in-ground and the wireless one. The second one is easier to set up, but it will need time to adapt your dog to the collar. Underground electric fencing is installed using a trencher and burying the wire. Many people decide on this convenient type of fence, but it is not suitable for all dogs.


Sometimes the exposition to a negative stimulus for a dog can lead to unpleasant behavioral changes. The dog can become afraid of things and people that are outside of the fence because every time he tries to reach the fences, something hurts him. An electronic fence surely keeps your dog in the yard, but it can not forbid other animals or people to enter. For that reason, if the person considers installing these invisible electronic dog fence kits, it is better to get informed very well and to be sure that it is suitable for their dog.

Virtual GPS Fence

The virtual GPS type of dog fence kits is a very popular choice because it is cheaper than other physical barrier fences, and everyone can install it very easily. Using GPS signals virtual fence system interacts with the dog collar. All you need to do is to walk around the perimeter where you want to hold the dog and enable GPS on the collar.


The GPS technology communicates with satellites to correspond with the collar, and it will operate when your dog is getting too close to a perimeter boundary. This fence is portable and can store up to 10 perimeter maps. However, the owners should know that the training is necessary in this case, similar to an underground or wireless electric fence.


Portable Dog Fences

Portable dog fence kits are for owners who like traveling and camping. They can take the pet with them everywhere. These barriers will allow your dog to have space where ever you go. These are probably the cheapest option.



The Best Dog Fence Kits for Your Needs

Best Overall: Extreme Dog Fence Standard Active Electric Dog Fence Kit

For the owners who do not like the look of traditional dog fence kits and prefer a cleaner design for the yard, this is a great choice. With the Extreme Dog Fence kit, you will set the fence up very easily because it works well for most breeds. In the dog fence kit, you will find boundary wire, a transmitter, collar receivers, training flags, and splice kits.


Interestingly, this type of fence can cover up to 25 areas of land, and the owners can define the boundary zones by themselves. Despite that, you should know that the static correction can also be individually programmed. After installing this fence, you can be sure that your dog can run in the yard safely without getting out on the street. The signal strength is located at every area of the wire and won’t interfere with other electronics.

Best Wireless: Pet Safe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with Extra Battery Pack

The model is one of the best wireless dog fence kits that cover the big sized yard. Interestingly, the system can cover up a 180 feet yard.


With the fence, you will get two extra RFA-67D batteries, and they last for around two months. Two things that the system requires for installation are a transmitter inside your home and a 17.5 kHz radio signal. Every time the dog approaches the fence, he will hear a loud beep and a static correction. You should not worry because these static corrections are not painful. It is easy to install this type of fence, and it is suitable for all dogs.




Best Mesh Fence: Tenax Pet Fence

For the person who does not like electric dog fence kits, this is a great choice. Tenax Pet Fence is actually a physical border fence with a high-strength, low-visibility barrier that does an excellent job of sectioning off parts of your yard or neighboring areas. The tool comes in different sizes such as 4 x 100 feet, 4 x 330 feet, and 5 x 330 feet. The material of the fence is lightweight plastic, and the design of the fence will keep the dog from escaping the yard. It is easy to install the fence by using zip ties or garden staples.


Best Invisible: Pet Safe Basic In-Ground Fence System

As the name says, it is invisible to the eye, and the fence system covers up to five areas. The dog collar is waterproof, and it beeps when the dog gets near the fence. Additionally, the kit comes with a transmitter, 500 feet of wire, 50 flags, a surge protector, a test light tool, and the necessary hardware for setup. After you install the wire, place the flags around the perimeter, and show the boundaries to your dog. Usually, dogs learn the procedure quickly. You should know that the system is very gentle and safe, so it would not harm your dog. It is much easier to install this type of dog fence kit than a physical barrier. Also, you can be sure that your dog will stay out of the street, and that he would not get in some trouble.


Best Indoor/Outdoor: IRIS USA, Inc. 34” Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen

The IRIS 8 Panels Pet Exercise Plastic Pen is not one of the electric dog fence kits. The fence provides keeping your dog indoors or outdoors. Many owners who have a puppy are deciding on this type of fence because it is great for puppy training. It offers over 21 square feet of space, and it is suitable for all dog breeds. The plastic construction is durable, and it can rust like metal. Despite this, the door will keep your dog from escaping. Panels fit together with a connecting pole, and you can move them and adjust the size of the space that your dog needs. The pen is portable, so you can take your dog with you where ever you go. The fence is a great choice for a car, as well.



Dogs can sometimes recklessly get in some trouble. For that reason, owners must provide safeness for them. In this article, we note many reasons and benefits of installing the dog fence. In the case you do not have one already, we hope you will consider changing your mind and purchasing one. As you see, there are many types of them, so there will be some for your taste and needs as well. Why would you risk it and expose your dog to a potentially bad situation? Instead of that, get one of the many dog fence kits, and ensure the maximal security of your furry friend.

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