2 Steps on How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

Teaching dog to roll over

Rollover is a simple yet adorable trick that you can teach your dog. A lot of us are under the impression that teaching different tricks to our dog is tough and complex. The process takes time for sure. But it isn’t that tough.

However, it’s better if your dog knows simpler commands such as stay, sit, quiet, etc. before you teach your dog how to roll over. If your dog doesn’t know these basic commands, you better teach him or her these as they will come in handy. Plus, you need to teach your dog the ‘down’ command to get him to lie down first.

Some people even claim that you need professionals to teach your dog these tricks. These are pretty unsubstantiated. With the following steps, you can learn how you too can teach your dog the roll over trick!

Before Starting:

Before you set out to teach your dog how to roll over, make sure you pile up some dog treats. Don’t offer treats that your dog usually gets. Rather, go for the rare food that your dog often get but loves very much. Also, make sure that you’re not giving him or her a lot. You don’t want your dog to fill up before the training’s even begun. So, break them up in smaller pieces first.

A lot of people use a negative tone and even force their dogs to do what they want them to do. Remember, dogs won’t understand such actions, and they are more likely to be afraid and may not trust you.Insider says if dog is watching your every move then it can be a trust issue that they will feel uncomfortable around you when next time you plan on teaching them something.

If you don’t want to teach your dog with treats, use clickers. Clickers are more effective when training dogs.

Furthermore, you’re going to need a good room or have to move outdoors where you and your dog will have enough space for the practice. Don’t consider moving outdoors first, as dogs often feel shy and uncomfortable trying things out in the open. Rather, try it out in a closed space first, and move out once you feel that your dog is ready to handle the pressure. Note: You can check my other article here >>> how to stop dog from biting.

Training puppy on it's back

Step 1: Teach the ‘Down’ Command:

The process begins with teaching your dog how to lie down with the ‘down’ command. At first, hold a treat in between your fingers and slowly take it towards your dog while he’s standing in front of you. Take the treat near him, but don’t let him have it yet.

Instead, gradually take the treat downwards from his nose. Imagine how it would descend if it were on an elevator.

Once the dog has lowered its mouth to get the treat, take it away from it towards you. The dog will chase the treat instinctively, which will make it fall.

Some dogs might not follow you through the process. In this case, you have to break the method down and practice the fragments individually first.

For example, if the dog isn’t following you down, you need to practice that a few times to make sure he does that. When you’re halfway down, you can encourage your dog to descend further with a treat or an affirmative expression.

A lot of dogs lie down, but they don’t stay in that position for long. You have to make your dog realize that he’ll be rewarded if he remains in that specific position. This can be achieved by giving the treat if he stays in that position for some time.

Dog Sit

Step 2: Teach your Dog How to Roll Over:

At first, you’ll need to command your dog to lie down on a smooth surface. Then, bend down, holding a treat in your hands and take the treat close to the nose of your dog. Let your dog smell it, but don’t let him eat it yet.

Instead, take the treat towards his or her shoulder while making sure that the mouth follows you. Once you take the treat around the dog’s shoulders, the dog is supposed to roll over to catch up with the treat. A reminder here, if your dog is a fast one, make sure it doesn’t reach out for the treat, or they might bite you.

The trick here is, you have to associate the vocal command with the drill. While you take the treat in an arc around their shoulders, say the command ‘rollover’. This is a key point, and you have to practice multiple times with your dog associating this command. Don’t be too strict. Instead, command your pup in a friendly voice and remember to treat him with every successful attempt.

Dog scared to roll over

A lot of dogs face obstacles rolling over. If your dog is failing to roll over, don’t get disappointed. You can always help him overcome these hurdles. Use your free hand to help your dog rollover. You can hold his legs or push him from a side of his belly.

If you practice enough, your dog will eventually get the hang of it, and you won’t have to help him anymore.

You won’t be able to treat your dog every time he performs a belly roll. When you are starting, divide the entire exercise into smaller fragments and treat him every time he successfully finishes a fragment. Once he can do those properly, start treating him on when he’s successful in completing the whole process only.

Slowly, you have to stop treating him. This is a slow process, and if you stop giving him treats early on, he might lose the motivation to learn this trick.

Belly roll is a great trick to teach your dog. It’s a simple trick, and it shouldn’t require much time to be taught. However, the real challenge is making your dog perform it in front of new people. Once your dog can perform it successfully without any treat, try taking them to new locations and try to make them perform roll over in front of other people. Doing so will make them more confident, and you’ll be able to make your dog perform a belly roll anywhere, in front of anyone, at any time!

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