5 Steps on How to Teach a Dog To Play Dead

How to teach a dog to play dead.

Dogs are cute, cuddly, and let’s be honest, we love to see them goofing around. They throw tantrums in the cutest of ways. Our little fuzzy buddies give it their all to keep us company, and of course, for extra treats. Teaching them cute tricks can keep us entertained for hours. You can also impress quite a crowd with these neat tricks.

One of the trending tricks you could teach a dog is playing dead. You have probably already seen all the most-watched videos of people showing off their dogs doing this particular trick. You have either stumbled across this article, or you too want to learn how to teach your dog to play dead. So without further ado, let’s get into the business.

Man and Dog Dead Play

The Playing Dead Trick

Doghealth.com illustrates that dog likes to engage with their humans and make them happy.This is surely one of the more popular tricks that you can teach your canine. The act looks funny and entertaining at the same time. All you got to do is point a finger-gun at your dog, and he plays dead. It truly isn’t that hard to get your canine to do this.

The learning process can be quick and easy for most dogs. Just grab a little extra treat and start the training process right away. Additionally, you might need a clicker to increase the efficiency of the training. You’ll easily find one at the nearest pet store.

Start by laying him down

If you are trying to start the training right after you brought your dog home, I got bad news for you. You must make sure your beloved dog knows the basic commands to sit, stand, and lie down. You need to start the training off by laying him down on his side.

Dog training

Teaching Him to Lie Down

Lying down on command is one of the basic commands you could teach your dog. But it’s understandable if your pet can’t do that yet. It can learn it quite easily and quickly. You need to start with your dog in a sitting position.

Bring a treat close to his nose and gradually move your hand down towards the ground. His head will follow the treat until it hits the floor. Mark the movement with a verbal cue or press the clicker, give the treat, and repeat.

Now to get his whole body to lie down. The process is pretty much the same. Bring a treat close to his nose again and move it down so that his head moves along with it. This time, bring your hand close to you so that the dog will lay flat on his tummy. Mark, with a clicker or a “Good Boy.” Repeat.

After this step, you need to practice with an empty hand, and add in a verbal cue, such as “Down!”. Take it to the next level by removing the hand gesture and only using the cue. By the end of this, your dog will lie down on command. If you want to learn more about this technique by clicking here>>> https://www.bestfreehub.com/train-a-puppy/

Show Him the Treat!

Bring the treat like a biscuit or snack in front of his nose and offer it to him. Move the treat and pull it over slowly to its side. If things go smoothly, the dog will roll over following the treat. Then give him the treat with an exciting “Good Boy!”. Repeat the process so that your dog gets accustomed to rolling over to his side.

Playing dead dog

Add in the signal

This is where things start to get fun. You can get creative here with hand signals, verbal cues, or both. You can even add in catchy sentences that the dog will remember as verbal cues. These are the funniest. The most common hand signal is pointing your finger like a gun. You can add the verbal cue of your choice to make him familiar with the two.

Once you have chosen the cue and the signal, repeat the process for a couple of weeks. Eventually, your dog will learn to roll over every time it has seen you making the hand signal and uttering the verbal cue. And of course, don’t forget the treat after every successful attempt with the appreciating “Good Boy!”

Keep up the training for a couple of weeks, and your dog will learn to roll over to its side and play dead. These steps will generally teach your dog to play dead. But things can still go wrong, and there might be a few complications. But don’t worry, keep reading.

Cute Dog

A few Pro Tips

  1. If your dog already knows how to roll over, he might end up rolling over completely on his back. So you need to revise things a bit by re-training him using the clicker.
  2. If your beloved pup still doesn’t want to lay down on his side, you might need to give him a little push. Use the clicker right when he’s in the exact position you want him to be in.
  3. To keep your dog from getting up soon from playing dead, you need to train him to get up later. You can slowly incorporate this by giving the treat later by delaying it for a few seconds.
  4. Keep the training session going on a softer surface. Some dogs might not want to roll on a harder surface. So training on a softer surface will boost his confidence.
  5. It’s always okay to move back a step or two. Going along too fast might mess up the entire trick. So slow progress is the way to go.

Final Words

No trick is learned overnight. While learning something new, constant training and practice are required even for humans. So you need to have loads of patience while teaching your dog new tricks. Don’t get disheartened if your little boy doesn’t do the trick on the first try. You can surely teach your dog to play dead eventually. So keep practicing at a consistent rate, and you too can see your dog master the art of playing dead.

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