4 Steps on How To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands

How to teach a dog to shake hands

Shaking hands is yet another famous trick amongst dog owners who love to entertain themselves and other people with their dog. It’s a common conception that you need to be an expert to teach your dog these tricks, and many people approach professionals as well.
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But know that, if you go through their article, you’ll be able to teach your dog to shake hands, or should I say paws, by yourself! It’s not rocket science, my friend! But at the same time, you’ll need a lot of patience to accomplish it.

If you think you got the patience, grab the treats, and get your dog ready! And follow these steps to teach your dog how to shake hands.

Before You Start:

Before you start training your dog how to shake hands, you should make sure that you have enough treats for your dog. A lot of rookies make the mistake of stuffing their dogs with a treat. Don’t do this, you’ll regret it later. You don’t want your dog to fill up before you get started.

To avoid it, you must divide the pieces into smaller parts. Giving them small segments at a time will fill them up slowly and will give you a higher headroom for training.

You don’t need to train your dog the same thing for an hour. The more you do it, the better. However, if you keep on doing it for an hour at a stretch, your dog will get tired and will develop apathy towards training. Even if you have a whole day off and want to train them a lot, take a break after every ten minutes, and switch to a different drill.

If you don’t want to use any treatment, you can use clickers as a substitute. Clickers are great devices, and they enable the dogs to perceive the dog as a treat. Clickers are extremely effective as they can be operated instantly and gives the dog a better idea.

Don’t try to practice it in front of people. Dogs are very shy. Try to get to a closed space where you and your dog can train in privacy. Once your dog has perfected it there, then you can move to different locations and practice it with different people for breaking the ice.

Trained Dog

Step one: Make Your Dog Sit Down:

Let us assume that your dog can sit down. If your dog can’t, you better teach them how to sit first. This is how you can do it the easy way:

Get your dog to stand in front of you and hold a treat in your hand. Then hold the treat in front of the dog’s nose. Once it smells the treat, it will try to get it. When he attempts to get the treat, raise your hand in a linear motion while the dog will follow it.

Once the dog reaches up to a certain point, it’ll have to put its back on the floor. Say ‘sit’ at that very moment. Repeat the process, and your dog will start following your command before you know it! I have written an in depth article about dog sitting training. You can read this article here>>>https://www.bestfreehub.com/teach-dog-how-to-sit/

Step Two: Teach the ‘Shake Hands’ Command:

1.     Start with A Treat in Your Hand:

Take a treat in your hand and put it between your thumb and index finger. Take the treat up to your dogs’ nose, and when they sniff it, close your fist around it. Don’t just give them the treat yet. They’re likely to do a lot of things to get the treat from you.

If you find your dog sniffing or mouthing on your hand, simply ignore it. Only when they’ll put their paw on your hand, praise them with a clicker, a treat, and associate the word ‘shake’ with the act.

Remember, don’t let your dog get the treat from your hands. The whole process will fail if the dog’s rewarded without doing what you want them to do.

The dog might take some time before putting their paws on your hand. Be patient about it. Every time the dog succeeds, give them the treat and praise them. This will make them realize that you want them to put their paw on your hand, and doing so is the only way you can teach your dog how to shake hands.

Dog Paw

2.     Don’t Forget to Say ‘Shake’:

The key part of the process is giving the ‘shake’ command. If you don’t incorporate them in the drill, you’ll be needing a treat every time you want your dog to shake hands.

Plus, try to get the timing right. You have to say ‘shake’ just as the dog puts its paw on your hand. If you delay or do it early, they might just miss the whole point.

Dog Shake

3.     Phase Out the Treats:

Once you see that the dog is performing the shake trick with your command, it’s time to stop giving them the treats. Don’t do it instantly but go through a gradual elimination. Without giving them a treat for each shake, start giving them a treat after two to three successful attempts.

You can even give them other rewards like increasing their playtime, taking them out for a walk, or anything they’re fond of.

Dog Game

4.     Take it to the Next Level:

Once your dog can perform the trick with you, you can start taking the process to the next level. Try shaking with your other hands, take them outdoors, and try performing it in different locations, you can even introduce them to new people.

These will make your dog more confident, and slowly they’ll be able to perform the trick anywhere!

According to petmaven.io shaking hands is an attention seeking behaviour of dogs.If a dog shaking hands isn’t cute, then what is? With the given steps, you can teach your dog how to shake hands easily and comfortably. Get ready to display your adorable pup’s trick to your friends. Grab a bunch of treats and start training your dogs as soon as you can!

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