6 Steps on How To Teach a Dog to Protect you

Dog to protect

Dogs are all cute and cuddly, and all you want to do is gobble them up. They are your best friend, and they are probably the only beings who will love you selflessly. Your cute little pet with all sorts of neat tricks if you train it right. You’ve probably watched all those cute trick videos on social media by now. But you can teach your dog to protect you when you feel threatened with the right amount of training.

Every breed of dog is it a Rottweiler, or a Pit-bull will have some instincts to protect its owner. Some dogs will alert the owners instinctively, while others need a little bit of training to trigger their reactions. So how do you train your canine to save you from imminent danger? Go through the article to find out.

Active Socialization

You need to make sure that your pet gets to socialize. Take him out for regular park visits to get familiar with other people instead of the ones in your household. This will build a sense in him with which he will assume that not all humans are threats. Your dog will gradually learn to not fear the outside environment.

Husky dog for protection

Dogs are quite mindful of their surroundings. They will look at weird things and act curiously. Some objects, like fire hydrants, may also make them feel nervous. Bring them closer to these objects to make them familiar with them. Let him investigate the site and find out by himself that the objects aren’t potential threats.

Teach Basic Obedience Commands

You need to build up the senses into your beloved pet from the ground up. Teach him to obey basic commands. Consistently train him to sit and stand on command. You also need to train it to respond to its name by running to you from another room. For this, you need your dog to get familiar with his name.

Other basic tricks include “leave it” or “now” commands, which come in pretty handy to keep your pet disciplined. With gradual training, they won’t start eating their meals before you utter “Now.” To learn more about basic commands, click>>> this page.

Barking Training

You need to train your dog to bark on command. Barking naturally works differently with different breeds. Based on dummies.com Puppies who are barking at everything imagine themselves as the defender of the house. Some will ignore quite obvious events, while others will downright go overboard with the barking. The breeds that bark persistently can be trained to stop barking on command.

You can train your dog to bark on command by telling it to stop on the 3rd bark and then give a little treat. The dog will recognize the pattern and gradually get accustomed to it.


Make Sure He Stays Inside the Fence

This one is obvious for the most part as you wouldn’t want your dog to chase after every stranger that strolls around your fence. He can easily get lost because of that. You can train him to stay inside the fences with the help of a leash. Burglars or vandals will often back off by seeing a dog in the perimeter.

You can train them to walk around the yard. You can teach a new command word by which it will learn to understand its boundaries. Yell the command every time the dog tries to cross the fence, and with just enough repetitions, he will learn to stay inside.

Train it to Defend You

Moving on to the most important part. You have to teach your dog to protect you when you feel threatened. With proper training, at the moment of emergencies, your dog will jump into action to try and protect you. This part of the training can be accomplished in multiple ways.

One of the easiest ways includes introducing a stranger to your dog, whom he will not recognize. The first part of the training includes building up your dog’s confidence. While you’re on a walk, remotely ask the stranger to approach your dog aggressively.

The stranger may wear minimal protective gear. Try out your dog’s new bark on command training to see if he aggressively barks at the stranger. Tell the stranger to go away after that. This will develop inner confidence for your dog. This is probably the farthest you would want to go with the training as most burglars would back off seeing a barking dog.

If you keep this up for the right number of times, you will see that your dog will automatically adapt to barking at strangers if it feels you are being threatened. If you do want to take it to the next level, teach your canine to bite at any threat by introducing commands like “get him.”

Dog howling

Now to Teach Him to Back Off

If your training lacked anything, there will be a chance that the dog would injure someone just for coming close to you. To prevent this, you must teach your dog to back off once your safety is guaranteed. Otherwise, he might even end up injuring himself. Use the “leave it” commands to tell your dog to back off from a fight. Implementing this training will gradually teach him when to let go.

He will also eventually find out when it is safe to back off and scare any threats away. This is a long time-consuming process, but if you want your dog to learn to protect you in such situations, you have to go through with the situation. Just make sure not to compromise on safety.

Dog and hunter

Final Words

Dogs are our best friends, and they love us endlessly. They will adapt to your lifestyle gradually and learn new things each day. Some dog breeds would instinctively save you or at least alert you when it senses that something is wrong. But some breeds need to be trained to respond that way. If you follow the above ways for a long time, you can teach your dog to protect you. If these steps don’t work, you should consider contacting a professional.

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