How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs

How to train your dog to ignore other dogs.

Dogs are intelligent animals that love to learn new things. Training them can be a great way to boost their abilities and entertain them. Also, training your dog will help you avoid behavior problems in the future or solve existing ones. Issues such as how to train your dog to ignore other dogs, aggressive barking, or destructive behavior require attention and comprehensive solutions. Many people decide to get help from a dog trainer. However, this is not necessary. If you have time and patience, you can do this by yourself. Training is an excellent way to bond with your dog and will help you build a good relationship with him. If you have a positive attitude towards this step, it can be a fun experience for both of you.

In this article, we will analyze the topic of the dog’s behavior and discipline. Also, we will help you find a solution on how to train your dog to ignore other dogs. That is a common problem with many dog owners, and because of that, you do not have to worry. Just be patient, and with invested effort, you will be satisfied with outcome results.

Dog training

How to discipline your dog?

For first-time dog owners, this could be a huge problem. They do not know where to start and which training discipline to use. Also, there is always a doubt, “will I succeed” or “Am I losing time?” However, you can start with basic commands and see how your dog reacts. You will see for yourself that training your dog is very easy. After those basic commands, you can start with how to train your dog to ignore other dogs.

The essence of every dog training should be giving them rewards. If you do that whenever the dog does something right, it will encourage the dog to repeat that action. For that reason, if you want to teach your dog to do something or to show a particular behavior, reward the dog with favorite food or toys.

The better the reward you give him, the more your dog will enjoy training. During the discipline period, you should follow some tips. For instance, you need to be patient because if he doesn’t understand and pick things right away, it does not mean that he will not eventually do that in the future. Also, take short breaks while you train him because your dog can lose interest. The key is to make out of this a fun game for your dog. Some essential commands that every dog needs to learn are: sit, come, stay, and leave it. Those commands will help you to keep a dog out of potential trouble. You can bring the dog back to you at any time and be sure that your dog would not cause some damage. As you see, these commands are an exercise in self-control for your dog. If you manage to teach your dog all of this, you will have an excellent guard dog that listens. Keep in mind that dogs are curious animals. They will sniff everything, whether it is something on the ground or other dogs.

Dog Training

Because of that, it is necessary to keep him safe and train him. The goal is to teach your puppy that he gets something even better for ignoring the other dogs, people, or items. With these simple commands, you can ensure that you have good communication with the dog and that he will listen to you.

How to train your dog to ignore other dogs?

Imagine that you are walking with your dog relaxed in the park. At some point, you see another man coming towards you, also walking with a dog. Suddenly, your dog starts to bark and to jump toward that other dog. At that point, you do not know what to do and how you should to react. Many people have this kind of problem. That is not only inappropriate behavior, but it can cause some potential problems. You can never know how that other dog will react. Maybe your dog wants to say hello and to introduce him, but the other one can be aggressive and behave unpleasantly. Because of that, it is essential to train your dog on how to ignore other dogs. That way, not only that you will have a well-behaved dog, but also you and your dog will be safer.


You can ensure that he will not do anything unpredictable toward other dogs. First, if you are willing to train your dog, you will need a lot of time for daily walks and patience. Also, do not forget to bring a leash for walking and treats for rewarding your dog.


There are a couple of methods for this type of training. We will analyze them all, and you will easily determine which one suits you and your furry friend the most.

How to train your dog to ignore other dogs.

The first method -based on reward and attention

The method based on attention implicates that you give your dog a treat every time you call his name and he looks at you. You can do this even before you two go out for a walk. Practice this with him in house. Every time you say his name, and he looks at you, give him a treat. Repeat this process for several days. After that, try the same process with him when you are on a walk. Try a distance walk first. That means, walk your dog at a distance from other dogs. When he sees them, call his name, and give him a treat after he looks at you. After some time, use this method when you walk your dog closer to other dogs. Repeat this process until you are sure that you can pass by other dogs without doubting that your dog will behave unpredictably. Once you start to trust your dog, you can relax and enjoy your walks.

The second method – based on friends’ support

As the title says, for this training method, you will need help from your friends that are dog owners. Arrange a meeting with your friends and agree with them to bring their dogs on training. In some parks or other large areas, your friends should line their dogs with distance from each other. One by one, let your friend with the dog come near you and your dog. Every time your dog starts to bark and to behave unpleasantly toward that other dog, tell him to stop. If he listens to you and stops, reward him. Repeat this training process with your friends every day or at least several times a week. If you do this regularly, your dog will remember, and it will be easier to teach him.


Once you accomplish your goal with your dog discipline, you can take him on walks in some other public place by yourself. That is an effective method if you have insecurities and anxieties about how your dog will react if you train him next to other unfamiliar dogs. In this way, your friends will help you, and you will be more relaxed to invest patience in disciplining your dog.

The third method – based on the nudge

The nudge method is popular and effective. Start the process by taking your dog out for a walk in the park. Stay calm and relaxed, and do not worry about what may happen and whether you will successfully calm your dog. If you feel relaxed and calm, your dog can sense that, and it will impact his mood as well. At some point, the other dog will come towards you and your dog. When your dog sees him and starts to bark and to jump, do not try to pull hard on his leash. Once he feels that you pull him hard, he will try to pull harder. Instead, you can do something else. Gently nudge your dog to the side using your knee and distract him. If he settles and calms down, give him a treat. If he does not do that, you can make one sharp drag on his leash and call his name roughly. You will need some time to accomplish your goal and discipline your dog. First, try with treats, and if that does not work, you can be strict. Dogs react to strictness, and your sharp tone will induce him to behave pleasantly.

The fourth method – a communication method

This method is more for scared dogs. Dogs have defense mechanisms as we do. Sometimes, they react in some way because they are frightened. For instance, if he barks at others, that does not mean that he is aggressive or that he wants to intimidate that other dog. Maybe he is just scared, and by barking, he wants to cover his fears. Communication with your dog is a very effective method. Some dogs require a feeling of security, and you should be protective if you have a scared dog. For that reason, every time you see some other dog going towards you, keep yourself between your dog and the other dog. When the moment of close contact is near between the dogs, tell your dogs how you want him to react. First, get his attention by saying his name. After that, tell him not to bark. Repeat this with a stricter tone until you pass the dog that you want to avoid. If something contradictory happens, and your dog does not listen to you, you should not panic. If he starts to bark and lunge, tell him to sit immediately and stand in front of him. Communication is often essential, and many people are mistaken if they think that dog does not understand them. Even if he does not understand the words, your dog will understand your tone and your attitude towards him. Also, he will see that he got your protection, and he will be peaceful. You should not forget that changes are not happening at once. Because of that, be patient, and your dog will start to react and to behave in the way you want him to.

How to train your dogs to ignore other dogs.

Is It Too Late to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs?

No matter how old your dog is, learning him to behave and to be disciplined is possible. The truth is, it is better to train your dog when he is young, especially if he is learning to walk on a leash. However, you can also train older dogs, but you need to have more patience. The process of modifying the behavior of an adult dog will probably look different from the process with a puppy. Training older dogs will take more time. However, keep in mind that the results will be lasting. If you teach your dog how to behave while he is around other dogs can save him and the other dog from any injury or unpredictable scenario. Socializing your dog and learning him to adapt to every environmental situation is essential for his developmental period. Even if it’s happening later, it will have an impact on your dog’s confidence around people and other animals.


Final thought

Training your dog in the right way will bring benefits to him and you as well. Those benefits are various. You will establish respect and trust between you two and also create a stronger bond. Many people decide to give up the dog because of his behavior. They don’t know how to discipline him and, because of that, cut the dog out of their lives. If you train your dog to behave, you will have more trust in him, and it will be more enjoyable to live with him. Both of you will be happier and safer. There would not be unpredictable scenarios where your dog can be injured or get in some trouble. He will learn how to react and to be calm in every problematic situation. For that reason, invest the patience and time now for long-lasting results. We analyzed the topic of how to train your dog to ignore other dogs in this article. However, like this problem, you can solve any other. Remember, dogs react on reward, so everything you want to teach him should be connected with a rewarding method. Also if you would like to know interesting facts and stories about creepy dogs then please click here.

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