6 Steps on How You Can Stop Your Dog from Barking

Dog stop barking

It can get quite irritating if your dog starts barking when you’re busy or taking a nap after a long day of work. These incidents might even make us regret that we got the dog in the first place.

Thinking that we can stop our dog from barking is unreasonable. That’s how they communicate, and they’ll bark for sure. What you can do about this matter is to make sure that the dogs aren’t barking at a time when you’re feeling bothered. Another method is teaching the dogs to stop barking when they are ordered to.

Training your dog can cause them to bark a lot less than he used to, which will leave you with a more peaceful life. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can stop your dog from barking.Click this link below If you also want to learn about dog bite prevention method.

Barking dog

1.    Ignore Your Dogs Bark:

This requires a lot of practice and obviously, patience. Sometimes you may find your dog barking at you if they are asking for something. This can be anything from asking for a treat to some attention. If you continue giving your dog what they’re asking for, they’ll just continue barking, and it’ll get more intense day by day.

Getting rid of this is simple but not easy. You have to ignore your dog while they’re barking. Through the silent treatment and by refraining from giving them or hear anything, you’re removing the basic motivation.

Keep on ignoring your dog’s barks, put on headphones if you have to. And once the barking stops, give them what they’re asking for. This is how you’ll be slowly removing their impulse for barking while motivating them in asking nicely.

2.     Teach the Quite Command:

This method has to be taught in a way you don’t expect. Before teaching your dog how to stay quiet, you have to teach them how to talk on your command.

This is a lengthy process, and it requires quite a lot of patience. In the very beginning, you have to give the ‘speak’ command, then wait for them to bark a few times. Once they bark, give them a treat. Repeat this process until your dog barks only on your command. This is vital as it will generate the idea that you can manipulate when they talk.

Once you’re done with this procedure, teach them the ‘quiet’ command. Make sure to command your dog in a firm and stern voice. If they follow, give them a treat. With time reduce the number of treats you are giving them. With the ‘quiet’ command, you can stop your dog from barking every time they start again.

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3.     Divert their Attention:

You can ask them to quiet down indirectly by asking them to perform an action that might quiet them down. For example, if your dog knows how to roll over its belly, ask them to do that when they’re barking too much. If the dog starts doing that, they’ll likely get engaged with the action rather than barking.

You can do some other things as well. For example, if your dog is barking too much, you can throw a piece of chew able toy at them. This will keep the dog’s mouth occupied and will be unable to bark.

However, remember that this is just a temporary solution. Diverting the attention of your dog means you’ll have to distract them every time with an object, or with a command. It’s tougher to teach them the ‘quiet’ command, but that proves to be far more effective.

4.     Help Your Dog Release its Energy:

Most of the pet dogs don’t get enough scope for a walk or an exercise, and they are left with a lot of energy that they later release through barking. The solution for this is simple, but it requires your time or money.

If you can muster some free time every day, go to walks with your dog, or play fetch with them for some time. Make sure that your dog is challenged and gets tired. If all the energy is drained from your dog, he or she won’t feel like barking. You can take things to the next level by making them or her run alongside you while you are riding a bike.

You can also subject your dog to mental training such as discipline or obedience drills. These are proven to tire them out.

It’s okay if you can’t manage any time for your dog. There are professional centres that’ll take your dog for the day and will make sure they get the experience you can’t give them. This will keep your dog physically fit and stress-free.

5.     Make Barking Unpleasant:

Barking gives dogs a rush of adrenaline, which makes it pleasant for them. This might be the cause of why your dog is barking incessantly. However, there’s a cure. you can also learn about puppy lie down technique.

There are multiple in fact. As barking is unpleasant for you, try to make barking unpleasant for them as well. If your dog is barking too much, set them down in the designated crate or bed, and turn your back towards them. Stop responding to their barking.

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6.     Take Help from Professionals:

Petforhomes.co.uk mentioned there are two core reasons behind why your dog might run up to people barking; Either they are extremely friendly and excitable and are simply delighted at the idea of meeting someone new to play with, or they have been poorly socialised with people and view the other party as a potential threat or problem.

You can always take help from a professional if you fail to train your dog properly. These people are experts on training pets. Look out whether they have proper certification or not before consulting them. Once you find a good expert, rest assured that your dog will be well-trained in a shorter amount of time.


A barking dog can be very annoying, especially if they’re doing that when you’re occupied. With the aforementioned drills and methods, you can teach your dog to stop barking. Try to teach your dog these things from when he or she is just a puppy. This will make the whole procedure easier.

If you have an older and stronger dog, the process may take a longer time, but it will exert a permanent effect over time. Get started today, and you can stop your dog from barking in no time!




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