3 Steps on How To Teach a Dog Basic Commands?

Basic Dog Command

Who doesn’t like a well-mannered puppy that can shake hands and perform a rollover? But to get to this point, you must teach your dog the fundamental commands first. These commands can make your dog bark, stop barking, order them to stop or start walking, sit, and lie down.

If you don’t teach your dog the basic and simplest commands, you’ll have a hard time teaching them the more complex ones. Then again, if you can’t command your dog at all, you’ll be in a lot of trouble later.

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and they won’t forget one command to learn another. So, don’t think twice before teaching them a new trick or order. Today, we’ll talk about some of the most basic dog commands and how you can teach them.

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You might get confused as to what you should teach your dog at first. Dogs tend to be very excited and restless; thus, they constantly drift out of focus, which makes it harder for them to learn anything.

To avoid this, you may consider your dog the ‘watch me’ command before you start to teach them anything else. This isn’t a trick necessarily; rather, it’s a command that orders your dog to focus on you. Doing so will help your dog retain its focus, and they’ll be able to follow you throughout the session.

Besituful Dog

Teach Your Dog How to Come:

According to primalpetfoods.com learning the association between the verbal commands and hand signals are the most functional way to teach.Teaching your dog, the ‘come’ order can be really helpful. It will make your dog follow you or come to you in need. This command doesn’t take a lot of time to be taught, and it’s quite simple.

Stack up some treat beforehand. Go to a secluded room and at first, all you need to do is give a treat to your dog while calling its name. Associating their name with the treat will get a concept in their mind that they’ll receive a treat every time you call their name or say the ‘come’ command.

After doing this a few times, we’ll go to the next stage. In this step, you’ll have to throw the treat right below you and then call his or her name or give the ‘come’ command. Every time the dog comes to eat the treat, praise them profusely.

Once they’re coming to get the treat, try the next step. Here, you’ll keep the treat in your palms, and then you’ll call your dog. Once they reach you to one position, give them the treat and shift to another position and call them again.

Once your dog gets the hang of it, try the next step. Instead of calling your dog while standing, associate movements. You can even take a few steps backwards and make them chase you. If you see that they’re following you, run away and see whether they are still following you or not.

With these drills, your dog will learn how to follow you. With the ‘come’ command, you can make your dog come to you any time you want.

Dog obedient

Teach Your Dog How to Sit:

Teaching the ‘sit’ command is easy and very simple. Hold a treat in your hand and wave that hand in front of your dog while they’re standing. Once the dog gets the smell of the treat, they’ll follow your hand for sure.

Now, you must hold the treat right in front of his nose and take the treat upward in an elevator motion. The dog will reach upwards instinctively, and once its mouth gets high enough, it will have to putt it’s back to the ground and will be in a perfect sitting position. Once the dog is in a sitting position, say ‘sit’, praise them, and give them the treat.

Repeat this drill, and at some point, you’ll find that your dog is sitting without a treat. Once you reach that point, you won’t have to give a treat anymore. Teaching your dog, the ‘sit’ command can help you in multiple situations like when you want them to remain on a position while you stroll around.

Teach Your Dog How to Lay Down:

If you want to teach your dog the roll over command later, you should teach them the laydown command before.  This is a comparatively easy command to teach.

At first, you’ll need to get your dog to stand in front of you while you bow down with a treat in your hand. In contradiction to the ‘sit’ drill, you need to take the treat below in a linear motion.

The dog will follow your hands, and they will stoop to the ground level. When they do that, take away the treat towards you. And once the dog comes forward, they will eventually get to the lying position. Once they succeed, let them have the treat while praising them, and associate the ‘down’ command with the act.


Teach Your Dog How to Stay:

With this, you can command your dog to stay at a designated place for some time. To teach them the ‘stay’ command, you must show your dog the ‘release’ command. Get your dog to sit down or stand, and once they start moving, throw them a treat by associating the release or ‘free’ command. They’ll get the hang of it with repetitive practice.

Once your dog learns release, teach them the ‘stay’ command. Tell your dog to stay and give them a treat after a definite interval of time. Increase the time with each attempt. Gradually, this will teach your dog how to stay in a place.

Teaching your dog can be a fun thing. It will be enjoyable for your dog as well if you manage to pull it off perfectly. Make sure you praise your dog enough and give them treats. You can use clickers as well as they are very effective.

Don’t force your dog into doing something, as it will be stressful for them and might build fear and apathy towards learning new tricks, and before you teach them any advanced tricks, teach them the basic dog commands.


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