8 Steps on How to Train a Puppy to Lie Down

How to Train Puppy to Lie Down

If you are wondering how to train a puppy to lie down, going through this article will surely help you out. Who doesn’t love puppies? They will run around your house throwing tantrums and goofing around. Dogs are your best buddies in the time of need. They will jump into action and alert you when they feel threatened.According to Wikipedia before 1900, Marcus Varo an Italian Roman farmer wrote about raising and training puppies for herding livestock. Training your puppy to do some fascinating tricks is always a fun process. There is certainly a learning curve, but it’s also a great experience as dog owners.

Training your puppy to lie down

A few of the basic commands that you can teach your puppy are: to sit, to stand up, to lie down, etc. These commands have a flatter learning curve than other more complex training. If you got a puppy, you could start training him to follow the basics right away. But a grown dog can start to learn these too.

Puppy Bond

Basic but effective

Although this is one of the most basic commands, some puppies and owners often struggle to go through it. There is quite an apparent lack of cooperation between the two. But with the right techniques, verbal cues, and enough treats, you too can teach your dog to lie down on command.

You need to remember that to train a puppy lie down is a new trick and will require time and patience. You can’t expect it to learn lying down on command overnight. There are quite a few steps involved in the training which you should follow very precisely. So get ready!

Keep Treats at Bay!

This is a common step for almost all the tricks that your dog can learn. You need to keep a bunch of treats nearby to reward your dog every time he follows a command perfectly. A clicker might make the process easier, but verbal cues will also do the trick. Bring the treats near your dog’s mouth and let him smell it. Then move it away to let him know that he has to earn it.

Teach a puppy to lie down

Master The Sit Command

By now, your dog should know how to sit and get up. If he can’t already do this, you need to teach him this first. Starting with a sitting position, bring the snack within the proximity of his nose again. Make sure he doesn’t stand up in excitement. If he does, move the treat away. This will let him know that he needs to be in a sitting position to receive the treat.

Drop Down to His Level

To train a puppy a new trick, you need to put in equal effort too. Squat down to his level. You can add a verbal cue in this step. Use a command word like “Down” and get him to recognise the command. This is an important step because, at the end of the training, your dog will lie down only by listening to this command.

Puppy sit

Bring in the Lure!

Next up, you will need to try and lure your dog downward with the treat. Hold the treat between your fingers with your palm facing down, slowly lower your hand and make sure your dog’s head follows it until it reaches the ground. Once his head reaches the ground, bring back the treat towards yourself. This will make your dog move forward towards you, eventually lying down on its tummy.

Give a Gentle Push

At this point, your dog would be in a low position on its tummy. But in most cases, the dog won’t completely lie down. So to go through the entire process, you need to gently hold down his shoulder to make him stay put on the ground. Keep bringing the treat towards you while his nose follows. Eventually, your dog will glide down entirely.

Command to get down

Time for Rewards

When your dog successfully lies down, pat him on his head and utter his beloved words, “Good Boy!”. Then give him the treat he has been longing for. This will give him the idea that he has achieved what he was told to do.

Rehearse and Repeat

Practice, practice, and more practice. That’s the sequence of learning any new thing for us humans. And when it comes to your puppy who’s trying to train to lie down, the process is the same. You need to repeat all the steps to imprint the process into your dog’s behaviour. Keep up the practice for a week, and your dog will gradually learn to lie down on command.

Lie down

A few Pro Tips

Still, having trouble trying to train your puppy to lie down? Here are some of the tips and tricks puppy owners use to successfully teach their canines the art of lying down.

  1. Make a “tent” shape with your legs with your dog on either side. Bring in the treat from the opposite side. Since his head will be under your “tent,” he will lower himself further.
  2. You might try and reward your puppy if you see him lying down on his own. This will let him know that he’s been a good boy!
  3. Keep up the praises and treats. Reward him when he follows the steps precisely and completely lies on his tummy.
  4. Use the command to bring him back up to a sitting position from the ground. You will need to use a treat this time too!
  5. Reinforce the behaviour by keeping the practice up every day. Teach him to lie down and get up on command and make sure that the treats keep coming.

Over to you!

Teaching new tricks and how to train a puppy to lie down can be challenging, but the whole process sure is fun! You need to put in the effort and keep faith in him. Once again, he won’t learn the trick in a day. Repeat the steps above for at least a week to allow him to recognise the patterns. Dogs are surely intelligent. Some will learn the tricks in a week, while others might take a couple of weeks. So, you need to be consistent in your training. And of course, keep the treats coming!







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